Jan 032014

25Los Angeles air compressors come in handy for many uses. They can be used to blow up footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, and beach balls that have lost some air or are completely deflated. An air compressor, with the right attachment, can be used to put air in the tires of your vehicles while they sit in your garage. Mattress pads are easy and quick to blow up with an air compressor. They can also be used with no tool on the end to blow saw dust off of your cutting table when you clean things up. Continue reading »

Sep 252013

24There are many different uses for video surveillance in Harrisburg. It can not only be useful in deterring criminals, but is instrumental in identifying perpetrators as well. It can also be used to monitor activity on roads, in parks, and in businesses in order to ensure safety. Fiber optic technology has changed the way information can be transmitted, resulting in higher quality, more efficient security technology. Continue reading »

Sep 042013

ez cashPawn shops and the principles behind them have been around for thousands of years, yet they remain very relevant in today’s society. If you need a source of quick cash, EZ Cash or another a pawn shop may be able to help. Unlike borrowing money from a bank, pawn shops don’t check your credit score, and they can give you the money you need that day. Continue reading »

Aug 142013

24If you live in or travel to Columbus, it may be hard to decide whether you should take a cab or opt for public transportation like the bus or train. There are actually many advantages to taking a Columbus cab.

Time Alone

In a cab, you don’t have to worry about the shuffle and bustle of mass transportation. You don’t have to push yourself on and off a train or bus. Many people find that the time in a cab can be well spent. You can easily make business calls without worrying about loud people around you. You can choose to read or pass the time with music if you want. Your cab driver will do the driving, and you can relax. Continue reading »

Aug 022013

4If you are dealing with a recent injury, you probably already know just how devastating it can be. Healing and medical treatment can be very expensive, the pain can be stressful, and the injury itself can cause other physical problems such as compromising your immune system. Injuries can cause a decrease in productivity because they can also cause a decrease in mobility; this can cause a decrease in ability to work, and thus a decrease in income. If your injury was the result of the action, inaction, or negligence of another person or party who will not take responsibility for the damages they have caused you, it can also cause a natural resentment that is detrimental to the healing process; fortunately, with the help of an injury attorney in Lafayette, you can take steps to pursue the compensation they owe you. Continue reading »

Jul 252013

23Recycling is a great way to save the environment by minimizing pollution and conserving resources. There are multiple ways to recycle including taking everyday items like newspapers, aluminum cans, and glass bottles to a recycling center. Some communities have recycling programs as part of their trash and waste service. One of the ways that everyday individuals can do his or her part is by recycling scrap metal. It is not a commonly thought of task, but it can make a positive difference and provide multiple benefits. A recycling facility that specializes in appliances, batteries, and other types of scrap metal, is not hard to find. Continue reading »

Jun 122013

22Computers. They’re the lifeblood of this technology-driven world and they’re an integral part of almost every business that’s open and serving customers. However, unless you’re a computer expert, you probably have no idea what kind of work goes into your company’s computer systems. You know they work and that’s about all you care about. However, it’s really important that you understand a lot more than that. Do you know what’s going on in your system or what your employees are doing with that system? You should seriously consider getting managed IT services in Columbus and this article will tell you why. Continue reading »

Apr 112013

The concept of using an escrow in the process of building or buying a home is simple to understand. The money is placed with the 3rd party until they can verify the work they are paying for and then the home is released to them at the same time they are releasing the money to the contractor. This same time of arrangement exist in technology and software as well. It is a common practice in all kinds of industries. However, in the case of a course code escrow service there is a need for employees that are high level experts in the world of code. Continue reading »


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Oct 052012

NiceMac is made up of 4 members all of which have always been die-hard fans of Sirius and XM. Over the years we have individually contributed to the ad-hoc player offerings available for Sirius XM internet content. Last year, we all had the fortune of crossing paths at which time we decided to band together and focus on helping deliver Sirius XM content to subscribers everywhere and anywhere.

Update: As of yesterday, the uSirius StarPlayr Application for iPhone still had a status of “In Review” with Apple. Later in the evening we became aware that the application was not rejected, however could not be approved at this time.

As fans, we are committed to continuing to work with all parties involved as necessary in any capacity required to see this product to market. It is our goal, as it has always been, to release this application at as low of a price point as possible, if not free of charge.

We thank all of our supporters and users of our current offerings, as well as those who have been patiently waiting and Beta testing while we work to bring uSirius StarPlayr for iPhone to market.


The NiceMac Team
Don’t be a slacker. Be a starplayer.


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